Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cute little things Conrad says

There are so many awesome things that Conrad says, usually at the end of each one I hear, I run to facebook and post it, so I wont forget. I thought I would share almost a years worth of cuteness with you all. Enjoy (sorry for the long post)

February 24
Today while driving Conrad informed us there are two kinds of mommy's. The nice mommy's and the ones that are wrapped up in toilet paper and are mean (mummy's)
March 12
Daddy: "How was your pizza Conrad?"
Conrad: "I didn't eat any pizza but thank you for asking me a question"
My sweet kid cracks me up!
April 5
This evening Conrad wanted a hot dog. I told him no because it was bedtime and he said "Mommy how would you feel if you were a little girl and I wouldn't give you anything!" I would probably feel horrible, but he still didn't get that hot dog :)
April 11
I just put the Easter candy on top of the fridge so Conrad would stop sneaking it, and when he noticed he said " Now I can't have any fun!"
May 8
Dan "What should we do for mommy for Mother's Day?"
Conrad "We should let her cook us dinner!"
WOW! Its like Mother's Day every day
May 12
Conrad's quote for today :
Mommy : Tell your Daddy he is re-don-ku-lous
Conrad : Daddy Mommy tried to call you donkeyless, but I stopped her.
May 30
Conrad just asked me to help plant his Jelly Bean so it would grow into a Tree in the backyard for an endless supply of Jelly Beans :)
June 7
I told Conrad he could not say the word stupid until he was 8 years old and he could decide if it was the right word to use or not. Hoping he will make the right choice. So now.... new favorite game to play? "Stupid Mommy I am pretending that I'm stupid 8!"
June 9
Daddy " Conrad, You're so crazy!"
Conrad "Daddy don't call me crazy, I'm not crazy Jersey Shore is crazy!"
(and no we don't let him watch that show)
June 21
We are watching Frosty the Snowman and Conrad says "I think its freaky when snowmen talk"
July 11
Daddy + Conrad = I love you
Mommy + Conrad = I love you
Daddy + Mommy + Conrad = a family that loves each other!
You can't argue with a 4 year olds math ♥
July 11
At lunch today Conrad informed us that he doesn't eat carrots, only bunnies eat carrots. I got him to pretend he was a bunny and he munched them down :)
July 23
As I am painting my kitchen today Conrad says to me " Wow mommy your doing a good job of staying in the lines" Thanks buddy!
August 10
Conrad said "I am only going to give my kid a time out when he is good, because I want him to be bad"
I said "Well you might not like it, what about when you need him to pick up all toys and you ask him and he says NO!"
Conrad said "I will just say "OK"
I am afraid to meet my future grandchild!
September 4
Had a very heated discussion with the kids today about baby zombies and if they would poss a threat.
September 11
Conrad said something smelled like a french taco, when I asked him "Whats a french taco?" he said "Your a french taco!"
September 21
I just told Conrad to stop jumping on the couch or he will get thrown in the spanking cage, he asked me where the spanking cage was, so I told him it was at Disneyland. Now he is running around saying he hates Disneyland.
September 27
Conrad woke up in the middle of the night and came into bed with us. In the morning when we asked him how he ended up in our bed he said "Maybe I teleported"
September 28
So today while playing I overheard Conrad saying that the bad guy has an allergy to Chainsaws. So I asked him what happened when the bad guy was around them, and he told me that the bad guy starts sneezing and the good guys are able to get him :)
September 29
Turned on the Nebraska game tonight and Conrad asked "Who are the bad guys again?" That would be Wisconson! GO HUSKERS!
October 9
Just ONE time, I want to put Conrad to bed and have him stay there. It could happen! Tonight there have been 2 potty trips, 1 I am thirsty, 3 I am scared, and 1 I just wanted to give you another kiss goodnight (okay, I kinda liked the last one) but lets hope this is it for tonight :)
October 11
So Dan said to Conrad this morning "See I told you that you could fall asleep just fine by yourself" to which my son replied "I tricked you! I can always fall asleep by myself."
October 16
Conrad keeps calling me Mar instead of Mom and I scold him about it, today he told me he would stop calling me Mar, if I stopped saying I D K instead of I don't know.
October 31
Conrad is obsessed with turning 5, every morning he asks me if he is 5 yet. So lately I have been telling him that first comes Halloween and then his birthday and then Thanksgiving. This morning when he woke up I said "Happy Halloween Conrad" and he said "YAY! Tomorrow is my Birthday!" Poor kid had his Halloween and Birthday ruined by his mommy as I explained to him that he still has 22 days until he is 5 :)
November 2
Conrad is having a sleepover tonight. I made the mistake of calling it a slumber party and he got real mad, slumber parties are for girls!
November 8
Conrad: "I wonder what people will get me for my Birthday?"
Me:"I am thinking of getting you a rock"
Conrad: "I hate rocks for my birthday"
Who knew a 4 year old could give such a dirty look, and now he is telling me all the evils of giving someone a rock for their birthday, such as "what if it was a frogs home, sometimes they have worm inside (although I pointed out that would kinda be a two for one present) and they are very difficult to wrap. FINE we will stick to toys!
November 16
In talking to Conrad, his daddy asked him if he knew what RAD meant in his name and we explained it means AWESOME! But then we thought about it and Con means opposite, so is he anti-awesome? I don't think so, and sure hope he isn't friends with nerds in high school to point that out to him :)
November 17
This evening after turning off a light Conrad said "I hate it when people waste electricity!"
November 20
Before I frosted Conrad's cake, I told my husband that I was so nervous to try and make this and that my grandfather was a baker so I felt bad I did not have his talents and he said to me "I know your grandfather was a baker, you have the hottest buns!" Then he told me he has been waiting his whole adult life to for a reason to use that pick up line.
December 5
For Christmas, Conrad just told me" We should probably wrap up a big box of bacon for daddy" Dang he knows his father well :)
December 6
5 year old attitude : Really Mom? You didn't cut the crusts off for me?
December 7
Today while waiting for the bus, I asked Conrad "What part of come here do you not understand?" His answer "here"

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