Saturday, December 24, 2011

Conrad turns 4 years old!

Conrad turned 4 this year. I can't believe where the time has gone. Nov 21 2007 he entered our lives and made us proud parents. He had a wonderful day, opened all his nice gifts and was very proud to show how old he was. He is doing math now and asks for 2 plus 2 of something. 4 is the very best number in the world. If we are shopping he wants to go to isle number 4, if he is watching something on Netflix he wants to watch episode 4 and if he asks for a snack, he wants his munchies in numbers of 4. Conrad's birthday was also a very sad day for him. This day was the day we gave his binkie to the babies. Some might think that an almost 4 year old is too old to have a bink, but with all he went though last year, we wanted him to have something to help comfort him. He was allowed it at night time and nap time. He still misses it late at night, he will tell me he wishes he was still 3 years old. "It's okay to miss it" I tell him. We wrapped it up in a present to give to the babies, and wouldn't you know it, those nice babies had their mommy send Conrad a Thank You note, letting him know how much they needed and loved his bink. I am so proud of him for being able to give it up.

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