Thursday, February 9, 2012

The fall of 2011

Two days before Christmas this year, our sweet Conrad took a fall. It was December 23rd and I had some last minute shopping to do. I loaded up both the 4 year olds up and we took a trip to Marshall's (Conrad calls this store Marshmellows) I had Zach in the cart and was letting Conrad walk with me (AKA run wild through the store) When I got to the check out, I picked him up and placed him in the back of the cart. He didn't like this very well, so he decided to jump out. He ended up doing a face plant on the hard floor. Instantly was crying and when I picked him up he was already swollen and red. I had an angel that day with us. Lucky for me there was a nurse who happened to be checking out the same time as me. She stayed with us until the emergency vehicles arrived.

I tried to comfort him while keeping him as still as possible. The ambulance arrived and the EMT's came and checked him out. They decided he would be more comfortable having mom take him to the ER rather than strapping him into the back of the ambulance. Dan had the day off, so lucky for me my parents were able to pick him up and meet us at the emergency room. We spent about an hour there with ice on his head, and we so lucky that he wasn't hurt terribly. I still have nightmares of what could have been.

When I post about Christmas with photo's you will be able to see his poor bruise in all the photo's. I am so grateful for Dan to come and be so calm and sweet with our son. He was so awesome in a crisis. I am so grateful for the nurse at the store, who helped calm mommy and was wonderful at checking him out and waiting with me through the longest 30 minutes of my life. I am so thankful for Conrad, who is truly our miracle child.

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